In this video, Asante is all over Sara Jay's huge, tank-topped jugs like black on white. He checks out the creamy-blonde porn star's world-famous ass-cheeks, a butt built like a black girl's or Latina's booty. Sara wears black and white striped skin-tight jeggings that wrap around her cans like plastic wrap. Asante motorboats her boobs, burying his face in her deep cleavage. It's difficult to remove his face from her jugs. She wants his fucking sausage between them so she can get titty-banged. .

Sara Jay kneels first, then gets on her back so Asante can slide back and forth between those pleasure globes, her pierced tongue outstretched to flick and suck the cock head as it drives to her mouth. Sara holds her tits tightly wrapped around the shaft as Asante gives her a harder and faster tit-fuck than most dudes. “Those titties feel like a pussy,” Asante tells Sara. If you know Sara Jay, a SCORE Girl since 2002, you know that she is one of the best pole smokers out there

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